Innovative Technology Business Network



ITBN is an international network of innovative technologies allocated around all Europe.

We promote products and service with a high innovation profile. Our manufactures are usually Start-up or Spin-off companies that comes from universities, research centers and scientific pools.

ITBN is divided in different areas of knowledge. Initially we have the “Nanotechnology and Space Sciences” area, in which you could locate your best partner, with only one node per country.

All network node companies pass a rigorous filter to ensure all our members have high expertise with huge experience in the matter they must attended.

This distribution model ensures the accessibility from all countries to the products and services of the network keeping our compromise to ensure their high quality.

If you are interest on be part of ITBN as Node in your country, request our contact here.

If you have an innovative technology or service (equipment test, engineering, simulation process, etc..) and you are interested on ITBN to promote it, request our contact here.

+ 34 910 097 846